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FeelGood IQ is highly effective, but you need to play your part too.

Follow the instructions to the letter, otherwise you won't reap the full benefits. And don't be half-hearted – once you've started, stay committed to seeing the program through to the end. But first, you need to find yourself a quiet spot where you can get comfortable and won't be disturbed for around 30 minutes. And this is important – you must never drive or do anything that requires your full concentration while listening to any of the tracks.

So how do I get my mind right?

Research proves that the average person uses only the left side of the brain when dealing with difficult situations. This is the side that is preoccupied with the functional and mechanical aspects of problem solving.

On the other hand, successful and happy people manage to use both sides of the brain when faced with a difficult situation. They successfully include the right side of the brain, which deals with the creative and colourful side of their personality. By achieving this perfect mental balance, they achieve a focused and clear mindset that puts them in good stead to tackle difficult situations with a positive disposition.

What do I get?

Your FeelGood IQ program consists of three components. Firstly you will view a short but very important introduction video via the Members Area presented by Peak Performance Coach, Adrian Law. Part two is 3 dynamic downloadable mp3 audio sessions which will teach you how to relax and use your imagination to rid stress from your life forever.

You will be transported you to the most wonderful places you can imagine, from a warm tropical beach, to relaxing in front of a roaring log fire and on to the most refreshing, sparkling waterfall you have ever seen.

The third module is the powerful StressBuster breathing trainer. This 10 minute controlled breathing session is the ultimate de-stressing tool which you will learn to incorporate into your everyday life whenever you feel challenged or need a boost of energy.

How to use the program.

Upon purchase you will be directed to the FeelGood IQ Members Area to view the intro video followed by a prompt to download the 4 audio sessions to your computer. Using headphones only and seated or reclined in a quitet comfortable environment, you can either listen direct from your computer or we recommend you transfer the files to your preferred player such as ipod or mp3 device or burn to a CD.

You will listen to Session 2, The Beach, three times during week one with a day in between. On the alternate days you will use the powerful StressBuster.

The same process applies in the second week with Session 3, the Roaring Log Fire followed by week three when you commence the final track the Waterfall. Use of StressBuster this week is optional but recommended.

Remember to listen only through headphones as the ISM techniques will not work if you listen through your HiFi speakers.

Many users will notice immediate, spontaneous changes in their attitudes and behavior. Once the balancing and stress reducing effects of the program become engrained you may notice a boost in your creativity and the ability to learn more quickly. Pretty soon you will also see an improvement in your ability to deal with any challenging situation.

If you subscribe to the Exclusive IQ Membership with additional monthly personal development sessions, ensure you do them in the chronological order as per instructions. Do not mix or half finish sessions. To be effective you must complete the course as prescribed.

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Deepening your learning state.

Each audio session combines over 80 tracks of voice, music, subliminal coaching, guided imagery and binaural and monaural beats into a powerful, multi-layered audio composition, designed to deepen your learning state, so we can 'hardwire' these new skills into your brain. You will develop an ability to call on these skills at will. And you will become more able to balance the right and left hemispheres.