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James Wilson
Sales and Leasing Consultant,
Coldwell Banker Commercial

I work in sales in the real estate industry and would describe my self as a person who gets easily stressed. In the last few years the real estate market has become much tougher. I Started using feel good I.Q around a month ago, I have felt more in control, more relaxed and less stressed as I undertake my daily tasks. This has resulted in a better interactions with my clients, family and friends. I highly recommend Feel Good IQ to anyone who feels stressed or overwhelmed by everyday life.

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Tess van den Bergh

It is a well known fact that stress affects each and every one of us. As a Counsellor/Psychotherapist I see first hand the range of individual coping abilities – from spending a little too much time focusing on a problem to experiencing high levels of anxiety. One option is to just keep doing the same old process in an attempt to manage our stress. The problem with this is that it usually gives us the same old results and we find that we just keep repeating this over and over again. The FeelGood IQ program offers a way out of this cycle. All you need to do is lie down, relax and listen to the audio. What greatly interests me is that FeelGood IQ has incorporated a multi-layered approach, including focusing on stimulating production of Alpha and Theta frequencies together with the use of "soundscapes" to induce left/right hemispheric brain alignment. When in balance you can immediately feel the stress draining away. You are quickly propelled to a positive state of mind. We are then better equipped to deal with our problems. Each session gives immediate results so you can easily validate its effectiveness. I am recommending the FeelGood IQ program to my clients so that they have a quick and easy tool at home to manage stress.

It was refreshing to find a product that actually delivered on it's promises.

After using 'Stressbuster' for a couple of weeks I felt more relaxed, my breathing had improved immeasurably and mentally I was more focused. Also, I quickly found I did not begrudge the time I set aside for the program but came to anticipate that time as a period of calm and personal space in a hectic world. Well worth the investment!

Ian T - Gold Coast

Since using this program I have coped with my deadlines a lot better and my stress levels have definitely improved. I really believe this program has helped me mentally with relaxation and mental clarity and I would recommend it to anyone.

Cathryn Meredith - Publisher Womens GOLF Australia Magazine

With the GFC having bad impact on my business I needed something to get me through tough times. This program has it all. Thank you.

Trevor - Scotland

I used your sensational program before my recent vacation and arrived at my hotel SO RELAXED it enabled me to enjoy every day rather than taking 3 or 4 days to unwind.
Bob D, Company Director, USA.

I’ve never felt so relaxed in my adult life.
Jenny, London (busy housewife!)

Jason's soothing voice guided my mind to the most wonderful relaxing scenarios. It felt so calming I wanted to stay there!
Juliette, Alabama

With the stress of job insecurity and a mortgage, the strain was starting to affect my marriage. A friend recommended I try FeelGood IQ and after just 3 weeks I have understood how to deal with it and get my family life back on track.
Dan, New York

After just one session I felt sensational…so calm
Steph, Broker, New York

The breathing routine Jason coaches has had an amazing positive effect to my everyday life. Thank you FeelGood IQ!
BH, Abu Dhabi

Dear FeelGood IQ Team. I completed the sessions 2 weeks ago and now use the StressBuster every other day…I can’t believe the difference in my stress levels…fantastic!
Carl B, San Fransisco

The program is easy to use and very effective.
Neil W, Sussex, UK

After a hard day at work I really looked forward to half an hour relaxing with the FeelGood IQ sessions and now feel so relaxed and can handle difficult situations with ease.
Doug, East London

Road rage is a thing of the past. I am so much calmer behind the wheel.
Daz, Gold Coast

I used to be able to feel my heart rate explode when stressed which was a dozen times each day. Now I just use my new FeelGood IQ techniques to keep control and calm.
, Adelaide

After months of stress I am now so relaxed and at peace with myself.
Pascal, Paris

Thank you Team….I now have my life back!
Julia Denman, Brazil

I wish I’d discovered your program months ago before stress ruined my marriage.
Tim, QLD (self-employed)

My close friends saw what a detrimental effect stress was having on my health and one recommended your program. In just 10 days I have learned stress is brought on just from my own perception of situations. I am feeling more positive than ever and looking forward to the rest of the program.
Jackie, Single mum, Brisbane, Australia

Lack of work & money was destroying my self esteem and relationship. Just 3 weeks later and I have a different attitude and now understand how to get my life back together.
Patsy, UK

I purchased FeelGood IQ as the stress of bringing up 2 small children and keeping the house tidy was making me ill. Tiredness, moody and lack of sex drive was harming my marriage. Just a few weeks on and life feels like a long honeymoon. What a great program.
Celine, New Jersey

Hey Guys, I’ve now got my blood pressure back to normal!
B.H, small business owner

FeelGood IQ…what an apt name….I feel good everyday now!
June R, Housewife, England

Every day stress was killing me. Work, commuting, finances and pressure at home was increasing my blood pressure and upsetting my digestive system. Thanks to FeelGood IQ I am now able to react to situations without stress. My health has improved in such a short space of time.
Tim, SE England

Easy to use and great results!
DT, London (commodities trader)

Great product. I’m now off my medication and use my breathing to relax whenever I feel tense.
Don Hickman, truck driver

Stress? It’s all in the mind! Control my thoughts and I control my stress! Relaxed and ready to take on the world.
Jonathan D, Businessman, Canada

I don’t feel good….I feel GREAT!
Dannielle, Plymouth

Whenever I feel a stressful moment I take myself back to the hammock on the tropical island.
Geoff, Melbourne