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FeelGood IQ is the solution to take charge of your life.

FeelGood IQ uses a unique process called Inter-hemispheric Synchronic Mediation (ISM), brain entrainment and several other key techniques to give you the necessary skills to get both sides of your brain working together. In the form of complex and technically advanced audio tracks, the FeelGood IQ programs create a powerfully positive state of mind that, upon completion, will become second nature. You will permanently change your mindset and you'll be taking life in your stride like never before.

We understand that everyone is different, so we have created a number of programs to help you tackle the various aspects of your life that are most pressing. We offer completely safe, scientifically based mind training that will teach you the skills necessary to maintain a permanent state of happiness. Click Here to Read our Safety Warning.

Each program is completely safe, scientifically based and proven to achieve real results. It involves an introductory explanation video followed by one 20 to 30-minute session, three times a week for three weeks. Each week you will relax and listen to a powerful new track. Rest assured, FeelGood IQ is not another hypnotherapy-based relaxation course. FeelGood IQ will not teach you how to live your life, but it will coach your mind to learn the techniques needed to remain optimistic and positive when facing challenges.

Feeling good has never been so easy.