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The ability to maintain a constant positive disposition can ensure that no matter how big life's challenges get, you will always be strong, prepared and even excited to face them.

But this is easier said than done. Life is not just hard, it's exceptionally hard, and a positive mindset is heavily challenged on a daily basis. With stress, frustration, conflict and hardship all in our way, the path to true satisfaction is cloudy. But if we can learn to tackle life's challenges head on, we can learn to live life full on.

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We are not alone in our beliefs. Many individuals and businesses know that maintaining an aura of happiness will ensure a successful life. Just look at all the motivational mp3s, positive thinking books and high energy seminars that are offered across the globe. These have their merits. They are good for boosting a person's self esteem to get them out of a rut, but they lack one thing. Permanent change. When the pressures of life again start to build up, the learning’s from these tools go out the window and we once more find ourselves struggling to remain happy. So how do we achieve permanent change when it comes to maintaining a positive outlook?

You won’t be surprised to learn that the biggest asset you have when dealing with the challenges of life is your mind. You also won’t be surprised to learn that it’s your mind that holds you back when trying to remain positive. “Oh I can’t deal with this”, “I wish it would all just go away” you tell yourself. But it’s the people that get their mind to focus on, and deal with, these difficult issues that have the best chance of remaining positive, optimistic and excited about their lives.

So how do I get my mind right?

Research proves that the average person uses only the left side of the brain when dealing with difficult situations. This is the side that is preoccupied with the functional and mechanical aspects of problem solving.

On the other hand, successful and happy people manage to use both sides of the brain when faced with a difficult situation. They successfully include the right side of the brain, which deals with the creative and colourful side of their personality. By achieving this perfect mental balance, they achieve a focused and clear mindset that puts them in good stead to tackle difficult situations with a positive disposition.

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